Building a model steam boat can be a real labour of love with many people spending months upon months painstakingly putting it together.

It is a huge project that will take a lot of trial and error before it is finally ready to grace the water. Even then it is not a guarantee it will be a success and many end up having to go back to drawing and starting all over again. It may seem a little arduous but the when you finally see your boat happily chugging along the pond or lake it all be worth it.

When it comes to putting a model of this ilk together it requires a lot of planning and whole range of equipment. Obviously you will have looked at different kinds of wood to make a hull and also good quality varnish to ensure that it is waterproof. Picking the right engine is also an important factor but once all these aspects have been decided then you can look at accessorising.

Now, accessorising a marine engine is not the same as a stationary or mobile road engine as it is entirely different beast. You have to pick your extra parts carefully and work out where they will fit in on your boat. Luckily, Mamod has a range of accessories that can add an extra element to your marine engine.

Vertical boiler – £125

The vertical boiler is a big favourite among modellers, especially when building a steam boat. It is already a unique selling of Mamod’s Brunel steam engine and is an aesthetically pleasing piece of kit for a marine engine.

Mamod’s version is a modified boiler from the Brunel locomotive and is made from brass, silver soldered and has a stainless steel base. When purchased it comes with a steam valve, top up valve, safety valve, water level plug and pressure gauge. In terms of specifications, it is 160mm in height, including chimney, has a diameter of 72mm and weighs around 650g.

When it comes it comes to the amount of water the boiler can hold this figure is 200ml.

Oscillating marine engine – £130.50

New to the Mamod range is the oscillating marine engine. This offers a completely different option in terms of power and is something that has come increasingly into vogue into the modelling community in recent. While others opt for the slide valve type of engine, the oscillating version provides that extra bit of speed when necessary.

Like the boiler, it provides a sleek look to your boat but it is very important that you keep it properly maintained or run the risk of it eventually becoming damaged. It boasts a self-starting twin engine and has both forward and reverse function as well as a stainless steel and brass construction.

When it comes to specification it is around 85mm in height, 130mm in length and 45mm wide and weighs around 360g. It also features a piston which has a diameter of 9.5mm while the prop shaft base to centre line is just 14mm, all important information when fixing it to your boat.