About Mamod Model Steam Engines

When the Mamod name was coined and launched in 1936 few people then would expect that this original and real Mamod model business would still be on the rails 74 years later.

But it is and looking towards a successful future despite some traumatic variations during its seven decades.

Buy-outs, takeovers, expansions, contractions, asset stripping and plans that did not always materialise were features of its up-and-down existence but at the same time it was still making a serious imprint on the specialised model market. These well-chronicled events are now part of its chequered history.

The original Mamod business has overcome these set-backs and today at its engineering site on the Summit Crescent Industrial Estate Smethwick, West Midlands, Mamod is manufacturing gas-fired locos – rolling stock to go with them – as well as model steam mobiles, stationary and kits. A dream for father and son.

In its unique way Mamod is interwoven with the history of the West Midlands and like the models it makes it is a microcosm of Birmingham, The Black Country and the regional manufacturing base and despite the biting teeth of the recession Mamod is steaming ahead.

Since the company was taken under the control of Terry family in 1992 it has supplied outlets which have integrated the name of Mamod into their business titles but they are not linked to the original and real Mamod company.

The family of Mr David Terry, Mamods’ managing director, can be traced back to his family manufacturing at Aston, Birmingham, over 60 years ago but the focus is on today’s Mamod business operation

“My plan is to have a business which just deals with the retail trade and is close to the public whom we hope will contact us with a view to visiting our factory.

“We have already introduced some changes to the way we operate but we want to make our business more sophisticated and that includes the design of the models.

“We still make some model styles introduced in the 1930s but situations change and move ahead and that includes the need for greater engineering sophistication without losing our distinctive designs.

“That’s how Mamod sees itself going forward and giving real value for money.

“There are other companies with similar products to ours but we want people to know that we are the original and only Mamod company manufacturing Mamod products.”

Mr Terry understands what manufacturing means to the region and ensures that most parts used in the manufacture of Mamod models are supplied from firms in the Birmingham area.

“We do not buy metals and parts from abroad,” said Mr Terry. “The buying is done from English stockists and most of them are in the Birmingham area. We are one of the few English companies that seek out suppliers in our region.”

Members of the public contacting Mamod are likely to be welcomed by Carol Bennett, the office manager, who also has an extensive knowledge of the products.

But how did that Mamod name originate?

The founder of the firm was Geoffrey Malins who took the first two letters of his surname and the first three letters from the word “model” – Mamod was born and is still going strong nearly 74 years later.

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