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Mamod Stirling Locomotive

Mamod Stirling Locomotive




[vc_row type=”container” padding_top=”” padding_bottom=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Introducing the Mamod Stirling steam locomotive. This engine is available in 0 gauge and 1 gauge.

This locomotive celebrates the achievements of the Scottish engineer, James Stirling (1835 – 1917). In his time with the Glasgow and South Western Railway, Stirling designed many successful locomotives, each one better than its predecessors. Although not the first to engineer the 4-4-0, he was the first to design one that was considered successful.

The Mamod Stirling Locomotive has taken 3 years of painstaking research and development to give our customers a quality locomotive at an affordable price. The purchase of new, advanced machinery has opened up the field of development, making opportunities to manufacture more technical components as seen in the new 14 mm cylinders which are fully maintainable, and the new internal poker type burner.

Mamod Stirling Locomotive Specifications

  • Internally fired Butane/Propane burner
  • Two 14mm diameter cylinders
  • Stainless steel steam pipe
  • Internally framed regaugeable wheels
  • 54mm diameter boiler
  • 230ml boiler volume
  • 8ml inline displacement lubricator
  • 40 psi safety valve
  • Bayonet smokebox door
  • Sliding roof
  • Silver soldered boiler
  • 36mm wheels

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Additional information

Weight 2800 g
Dimensions 300 × 115 × 145 mm
We guarantee your satisfaction. All items will be exchanged or refunded within 28 days if you are dissatisfied. Please note – we can only exchange or refund products in perfect condition with all original packaging intact. Please refer to the Exchanges and Refunds Policy for more information.