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Mamod Cylinder Upgrade

Mamod Cylinder Upgrade


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Upgrade to the new 10.5mm Cylinder

*2 cylinders will be required for the Brunel and Telford upgrade. Priced at £24.50 each.*

Discover the new Mamod cylinder upgrade for increased power and performance. This fantastic new addition to our Mamod collection is a great direct upgrade for the popular Mamod locomotives, the Telford and the Brunel.

This cylinder is larger in size than the standard found as stock on the Telford and Brunel locomotives. Its increased size allows for a greater surface area for the steam to act upon, resulting in a a higher performance at a lower pressure.

By upgrading, you will enjoy an increased running time with your live steam engine. Due to its increased performance at a lower operating steam pressure, your engine will run for longer between boiler refills. Get more steam time with each run of your favourite locomotive with this great new upgrade.

It is easy to assemble by simply removing the nuts and washers from the original cylinder and disconnecting the bolt from the jaw. Slide it off the studs and remove the original gasket. Using the same process in reverse, fit your new upgraded cylinder. Always check that the piston is centralised by looking through the cylinder holes. If it needs adjusting simply loosen the nuts, hold the jaw and turn the piston rod in the required direction until the throw is even. Once satisfied, tighten the bolt and jaw and refit the washes and nuts. Be careful not to over tighten as this may strip the threads.

Haven’t experienced the the superior performance of a Mamod locomotive? View our popular Telford and Brunel steam locomotives now and start enjoying to power of steam.

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Dimensions 36 × 18 × 14 mm
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