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Beattie Steam Locomotive

Beattie Steam Locomotive




Mamod Beattie

This Steam locomotive is named after the locomotive engineer and designer, Joseph Hamilton Beattie, who’s designs were some of the most efficient of the time. Beattie was an innovative engineer, pioneering feedwater heating, balanced slide valves, coal-burning fireboxes and later on; a boiler suitable for burning coal. His most famous design, the 2-4-0 T Wells Tanks, were in service for 88 years.

the Mamod Beattie locomotive has been designed with recognition of this pioneering engineer of the 19th Century. Its design is based on the “0-4-0” locomotive and has been manufactured with a silver soldered boiler with a volume of 1.8cm3/120ml. Driven by two 14 mm slip eccentric cylinders, it is an impressively powerful model locomotive. Complete with an in-line displacement oil lubricator with a drain dock and is equipped with a 40 PSI safety valve for peace of mind.

Experience the realistic steam model locomotive with a smoking chimney and a sliding roof for easy access to the internal cab compartment, and finished with a cosmetic whistle.


  • Length 245mm
  • Width 110mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • 1 gauge 0-4-0
  • Steam oil
  • 3/16 BSW steam valve
  • Ceramic burner
  • Butane/propane gas tank
  • 14mm slip eccentric cylinder
  • In line displacement oil lubricator with a drain dock

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