The US is home to some iconic transport routes with the famous Route 66 being an absolute must for any car or bike lover.

However, the nation is also home to a number of train lines which offer breathtaking views of the country's scenery. With the holiday season fast-approaching many people will no doubt be planning on hopping across the Atlantic to pay a visit to our colonial cousin. The US is a great country to sit back and enjoy and with the frequency and easy accessibility of Amtrak, getting out and seeing the sights is even easier than ever.

Here are a selection of some of the most scenic routes in the US.

Denver to San Francisco

Connecting two of the US' prominent cities the route, dubbed the California Zephyr, is arguably the most scenic train line in the entire country. Running daily between Chicago and San Francisco, the sights really kick in when it reaches Denver.

As it climbs through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado passing snow-covered peaks many find it hard to disagree with the breathtaking scenery. After reaching Salt Lake City it moves on through the Sierra Nevadas to Sacramento before reaching Golden Gate City itself, San Francisco.

Chicago to Los Angeles

Again starting its journey in Chicago, the Texas Eagle takes in the sights and sounds of the south of the US passing through cities such as St Louis, Austin and Dallas before weaving its way to Los Angeles.

Gazing out the window people will be able to fix their eyes on the mighty Mississippi River, the piney woods of East Texas. It is not just the plains that will be impressive as there are always the metropolitan cities in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio which could be a great place to stop off en route to Los Angeles.

Chicago to Portland/Seattle

From the very south to the very north, the Empire Builder travels the west of the US skirting the Canadian border. Starting from the Windy City, this Amtrak route glides towards the Pacific Northwest passing through a host of national parks.

Passengers can stop off at locations such as the Bear Paw National Battlefield in Minnesota or the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site on the Missouri River. Back aboard the train there are great views of the Mississippi as well as night skyline of Minneapolis.

After reaching Spokane, Washington, passengers can choose between heading into the state's largest city of Seattle or head south to Portland, Oregon. Both cities have an abundance of things to see and do.

Toronto to New York City

The Maple Leaf is a great way to travel between Canada and the US while taking in some breathtaking scenery. A much shorter journey to the other mammoth route, this 12-hour route passes through Niagara Falls, an absolute must for a stop-off.

Passengers can pass through the majestic Hudson River Valley, New York's wine country while a real favourite is the Finger Lakes region. This area offers incredible views of the most waterfall in the world.

The route can be subject to delays as due to the US/Canadian border crossing will see customs and immigration procedures taking place.