When purchasing a Mamod model people are making an investment and one that should be kept for life.

Buying a Mamod model means that a collector or enthusiast is making a commitment to building a collection of some of the best steam models available on the market. The last thing they want to do is let these products fall into disrepair or become tired and used over a long period of time. While some do call in professionals to fix any problems that may occur with their models following a purchase, there is no better feeling than being able to address an issue themselves.

Mamod products are finely tuned and intricately crafted models and need to be shown the same love and care following a purchase that they have been during the manufacturing stage. Looking after a Mamod model in the right way can ensure that they stay in pristine condition for years to come.

Here is a guide to taking care of a Mamod product.


All Mamod models are finished with a special powder coat of paint and should not be treated with the same approach as normal paint. You should inspect the model for any loose paint, "bubbling", or chipped paintwork before starting repair work. If you notice any bubbling be extra careful as it can be very easy to take the paint off when this occurs.

If you need to touch up damaged paintwork then do not opt for a cheap replacement to get a close match as it will not look professional. Mamod has provided colour codes for each of its products online.

Cleaning the base

Every modeller wants their collection to remain in tip top condition and this requires a thorough cleaning job. To maintain the base you start by filling up a bowl with warm water and washing up liquid. Place the base into the bowl and allow it to soak for a few minutes allowing any loose dirt to be removed then use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any oil or dirt that may be left behind.

Remember, be gentle when cleaning the base of the model as an aggressive approach can damage the paintwork and leave you with an unprofessional looking collection. Once finished, allow the base to drip dry before applying a waxing product, a good car wax could do the trick and bring out a real shine.

If the product has signs of paintwork damage be extra careful as it could flake off. If you are concerned about this problem it may be wise to avoid soaking the base in water.

Cleaning the wheels

With every Mamod product the wheels are lacquered in order to maintain their shine, so before carrying out any cleaning make sure they are still shiny as this will demonstrate the amount of lacquer remaining. Should they be seen to have a large amount of lacquer left on then it is best to leave them. However, if none is present then you can get on with the cleaning process.

After removing them from the hub caps, which can be carefully pulled off with pliers, soak the wheels in warm water and washing up liquid, like you would with the base. Use an old soft toothbrush or some cotton bud to clean between the spokes of the wheels to help remove any excess oil and dirt.

Once clean, give them a rinse and dry. You can then decide whether you want to polish the rims but should you do so, use the Brasso wadding, normally used to clean the boiler. Be warned though as if you want a "factory finish" it will take a lot of time and effort.