Summer is here once again and that signals for many people to pack their bags and head away on holiday.

While many people will be heading to airports across the UK and jetting off to the likes of Majorca and Corfu, catching a ride on the rails can offer some breathtaking sights. Europe is home to some of the most picturesque countries with the likes of Austria and Switzerland providing glorious mountain ranges, while Italy has its scenic Tuscan countryside. All this can be seen by just hopping on the Eurostar from St Pancras and heading through the Channel tunnel.

Here are a few of the most scenic train journeys Europe has to offer.

Oslo to Bergen

Norway is not normally the first country to spring to mind when booking a summer holiday, but the train route between the nation's capital Oslo and Bergen is one that simply can not be passed up. Dubbed the world's best train ride by Lonely Planet, the route passes through some truly magnificent sights.

Leaving Oslo the train travels along the line at the highest altitude in Europe taking in some breathtaking scenery. One of the highlights being the Hardangervidda, the continent's highest mountainous plateau. People can also hop off to join the Flåm Railway which heads on to Norway's largest fjord, Aurlandsfjord.

Cologne to Frankfurt

Germany is quickly one of the most popular destination for Brits and Cologne and Frankfurt are two of the nation's biggest and most historical cities. Sitting on the banks of the River Rhine the train offers some impressive views passing through the likes of Koblenz, which is well worth a visit.

The route allows passengers to view a host of castles that sit atop of hills in the distance on the way back from Frankfurt. Germany being Germany means that the trains are predominantly on-time, frequent and efficient.

Verona to Innsbruck

This is a great trip for those looking for a scenic views of the Alps. Starting in the Italian city of Verona it snakes across foothills and through the great wine country of Trentino before making its way into Austria.

As it crosses over the border the true magnificent views of the Alps become apparent and while they are normally ideal for the skiing season they are also a joy in warmer weather as well. Innsbruck itself is a real treat with its oval-shaped Old Town featuring a number of palaces, towers and medieval houses.

Stop-offs are a must at the likes of Bressanone Brixen and Brennero Brenner, while the line at Rovereto is dominated by three life-size dinosaurs celebrating 200-year-old Jurassic footprints.

Marseille to Rome

The south of France has always been a popular destination for Brits wanting to simply get away from it all and the coastal train route is no different. Connecting one of the biggest French southern city and Italy's capital people will have to go far to get a better train route as close to the sea.

Once out of Marseille the root passes through Aubagne countryside which has been the set of a number of poignant stories by Marcel Pagnol. It then winds through the famous French vineyards and orchards before reaching Cannes and Nice.

The coastal views are continued once the train crosses over the Italian border with magnificent views over the Ligurian Sea before reaching the historical city of Rome.