Model railways have played a part in many childhoods all over the UK, with many people being able to recollect the day when they put together their first ever train set.

While the Brio and Tomy models will have been put away long ago or given away to younger relatives, there is still no reason not to pick up the hobby once again and find a use for that spare room. Many homes have extra space that was once earmarked for being turned into a study, an office or games room. If these plans fell by the wayside, this could be the ideal opportunity to construct a model railway reminiscent of the English countryside in the space.

This can all come to fruition with the help of Mamod and its multitude of products. But where do you start undertaking such an endeavour? Here are a few simple steps.

Set out your space

You need to ensure that you have a big enough room to accommodate a track and even model scenery if that takes your fancy. Either set out an area on the floor or bring in a large table to lay the track on and you can then make the decision on how expansive you want to make the track. Picking up the pieces is a breeze at Mamod, as it has everything you could possibly need to construct a working railway.

From the simple straight and curved pieces of track right up to the points and other items, Mamod has you covered.

Picking the right engines

Picking the right steam train can be a real way to wow visitors and it's a choice that cannot be taken lightly when putting together your railway track. At Mamod, there are a range of impressive engines that would take pride of place in many homes.

For example, the Diamond Jubilee saddle Tank set is one of the most elegant models in the entire range in a ruby rich colour complete with brass spectacles, a brass chimney and a numbered limited edition plaque mounted on the roof. There is also the Mamod MkII Set, which is described as "probably the best small train set on the market".

While you can go with gimmicks in the Thomas the Tank Engine mould, having a traditional model steam train will be a crowning piece on your newly created track.

Add accessories

With those trains trundling along your track you'll need to give them some company and make it look like a real railway. Maybe purchase a guards' van or log carrier from Mamod to give that real sense of authenticity. The company has a wide range of trucks that can be simply attached to the back of the train.

By adding these little accessories you will be able to bring the age of steam back to life in the comfort of your own home and at the same time finally finding use for that spare room. For those of you even more adventurous you could even invest in some scenery to capture the essence of the English countryside as your train speeds through the various different settings.