Have you ever seen the Northlandz model railroad in Flemington, New Jersey?

Bruce Williams Zaccagnino has spent the best part of 16 years creating a model railroad in his home. It now includes over 100 trains, 3,000 buildings, 50,000 streets and 400 bridges which span over huge canyons. Mr William Zaccagnino's has become the inspiration many modellers have had to make their own layout.

However, many simply do not have the space in their own home to create a model railway on this scale. Obviously people will opt for a much smaller version, as who can realistically have a 40 ft canyon sprawling across their basement? Taking the model railway outside to the garden can help to create a really impressive outdoor space.

It can compliment a person's garden and could even link through small water features and flower beds. So how do you go about creating a model railway in your garden? Follow our handy guide and gain some inspiration.

Plan ahead

If you are going to invest in creating an outdoor model railway you need to plan thoroughly before doing anything. You need to firstly ask yourself what you want to achieve from this project. Do you want to create a huge sprawling space full of bridges, lakes and track or do you want something much more low-key that will not require the same level of maintenance?

Next you need to set aside a space and stick to it. This is a hugely important aspect as you don't want your track to exceed its space and then encroach on to other parts of the garden. Once this has been decided then you can look aspects such as which era of railway you want it to represent. Are you going to go with the traditional steam engines of yesteryear or maybe embrace more modern locomotives?

Then there is the issue of cost. Building a model railway can be an expensive business so you would to set yourself a budget that you can feasibly stick to. Remember that a project of this ilk could take years so you need to properly plan your finances and ensure that you can finish it without breaking the bank.

Be patient

This is one of the key factors when putting a model railway together. If you are looking to embark on a long-term project then you need to be extremely patient as there will be times when your plans change. You need to be ready for moments when you find that you can not continue on the path you are going down and thus need to be amended.

You need to be flexible and ready to adjust. This is particularly important when it comes to purchasing parts. You may hit the age-old stumbling block that certain parts are out of stock meaning you have to wait a long time but that desired piece of equipment. Again, this takes a lot of patience but the end results can be hugely rewarding.

Choose your equipment wisely

Once you have decided on a style then you start looking at which equipment to buy. This is something you need to think long and hard about. Remember, you do not need to spends hundreds of pounds looking to make the railway you want and even a modest set can provide hugely rewarding.

If you are a novice, there is no need to start splashing the cash. Take a methodical approach and start by investing in a good length of track, lay it in a circle in your designated space making the radius as big as possibly can. One of the key factors is making sure that your track is of a high quality and has the durability to take on the outside environment.

Now you can start looking at some nice additions to go with your basic. This is where you can really creative and build a railway you can be proud of. The possibilities really are endless.