Not everything is perfect and from time to time things need a bit of work to fix the little problems that occur.

Mamod is no exception and no model will be without its issues but it is important to know what to do when something goes wrong. Steam models can create numerous problems and as a good engineer it should be your role to fix them when they arise. Whether it is a straightforward task of simply replacing a part or cleaning out the engine or a more complex issue, it can be wholly rewarding for you to do it yourself.

Should you encounter any complex problem then Mamod is on hand to see if it is fixable by sending it back to the workshop. However, less complicated issues can be resolved at home with a little elbow grease, the right knowhow and a lot of patience. Obviously a model breaking down is the last thing anyone wants so you will want to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

Here are some solutions to fixing the most common problems with Mamod models.

Melted sight glass

Sight glass can melt from time to time but it can be resolved. Firstly you will need to order a new part from the Mamod factory which will include a new Perspex sight glass and a rubber seal. Unscrew the original screws and remove the melted sight glass, be careful when doing this as you want to avoid damaging the remaining paintwork on the boiler.

After removing, clean thoroughly to make sure all the remnants of the former sight glass and rubber seal have been removed. Place the new part on the clean surface and put in the new Perspex making sure the plastic protective coating has been removed, then simply screw in place.

Falling pressure in the boiler

You can carry out a number of checks if you losing pressure in your boiler. Problems can range from a leaking whistle to the safety being screwed in too tightly to a worn cylinder. By carrying out a few basic checks you can identify where the problem has stemmed from.

A leaking whistle can allow steam to escape and the pressure to fall and will only need to be oiled to get it back on track. If the safety valve has been screwed in too tightly then simply undo it and re-tighten to finger tight and no more.

Steam can leak from other areas such as copper pipes which may require re-soldering, if this is the case then send the model back to Mamod. If it is the cylinder then it will most likely need replacing while flywheel just need to be realigned to solve the issue.

Sticky cylinder

A sticky cylinder can prevent the model from moving. It is quite a common problem but can be resolved fairly easily. It usually occurs because the toggle spring is not working properly and it can get stuck. This means the cylinder is unable to move in the way it wants.

To fix this, simply pull the cylinder away from the engine face a few times to release the spring and then remove any visible dirt. Make sure it is properly oiled to avoid the problem happening again in the future.

Mobile engine producing steam but not moving

This can be one of the most frustrating thing for modellers, everything seems to be running smoothly but the model won't move. This can be a result of certain element of your engine causing friction and the time delay between the boiler reaching pressure and the flywheel to reach a working velocity and thus the engine starts to run.

To fix this raise the rear drive wheel up using blocks then steam up the boiler as normal. Once working pressure is reached, spin the flywheel but keep the rear wheel off the floor and then wait for the flywheel to real a good velocity. Then place the rear drive wheel on the floor and push it forward, this will give the flywheel sufficient time to get the engine running.