Germany is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination with Brits flocking to the nation's multitude of sights.

Cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Cologne are regularly visited by UK holidaymakers as they indulge in a bratwurst washed down with the signature beer of the specific region. As air fares continue to be affordable, the nation is great for a long weekend to soak in the culture that these iconic cities have to offer.

Germany has a reputation for efficiency and this could not be better displayed than in the nation's railways. The country has a wealth of regional services making travel between cities a breeze while the ICE intercity trains allow people to make long journeys in total comfort. Thanks to these efficient services, experiencing Germany by rail is a viable holidaying option for those that like to get about during their break.

Here are a selection of Germany's best rail routes.

The Black Forest Railway

When thinking about southern Germany many people tend to think of Bavaria and Munich but the Black Forest is a real treat for holidaymakers. The Black Forest Railway is split into two different routes – Freiburg to Seebrugg and Konstanz to Offenburg. Spread over 150 kilometers and climbing 650 metres passengers are able to gaze out onto the wonderful German countryside.

The Offenburg route leaves the urban city and makes its way into the rural scenery where it snakes its way past church spires and small villages before reaching Hornberg. Here the scenery is transformed as the route tunnels through dense foliage. It comes to a stop at Konstanz where passengers are able to enjoy the views of Lake Constance.

Rhine Valley Line

The Rhine Valley is the heartland of Germany and is home to some magnificent scenery. The rail journey begins in the charming city of Mainz before making its way out of the industrial city and onwards to Koblenz. En route it passes through Germany's wine-making region before flanking the edge of the River Rhine.

Passengers will be able to gaze upon the tranquil water and gentle hills with only a handful of tunnels obstructing the view along the way. Upon reaching Koblenz holidaymakers will be able to see where the Moselle River meets the Rhine and could even continue their journey to Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Cologne to Munich

Cologne and Munich are must-see parts of Germany, so why not do the pair in one holiday? Cologne is a beautiful city and people will be able to visit the iconic Dom which dominates the skyline. Visitors can climb the stairs and gaze out over the entire city. Sampling the local specialty beer kolsch is an absolute necessity and is perfectly complemented with a schnitzel.

While Munich sits in Bavaria at the south of Germany, thanks to the nation's ICE trains the route between Cologne only takes just over four hours. Once again, passenger will be able to marvel at the Bavarian countryside as they relax en route to one of Germany's most popular cities.

Once there Munich has a host of attractions to suit every taste but if you don't do anything else it is a must to visit one of the city's many iconic beerhouses.