Have you ever dreamt of sitting on your patio and gazing at a garden complete with a huge model railway? Well now you can, at a price.

A house in Sherwood, Oregon, has gone up for sale at £2 million but there is a special one-of-a-kind feature that has many people's jaws dropping, Metro reports. This Pacific Northwestern property is home to a huge 11,000 ft train track which sprawls across the entire ground of the house. It is a truly magnificent sight and can even accommodate 40 passengers on a tour around the grounds.

The world famous estate is the hard work of Tom Miller who has been crafting this awe-inspiring layout for years and is now ready to let someone else take the reigns. It is a huge homage to model railways and carries from outside into the home where there is a huge layout of the Oregon hills. It has taken Mr Miller over a decade to create this impressive model railway but it is something that struck a huge chord with enthusiasts.

Mr Miller explains that he has had people from all over the world fly in specially to see the layouts and take a trip on his many working steam trains. It is then into the barn where the collector has created a model railway museum with some of the very best products showcased in all their glory.

The property's listing states: "For those seeking and appreciate that absolute one of a kind find, here’s the perfect paradise that’s uniquely its own."

Many may be questioning why as a model railway enthusiast would he be giving up his life's work but it simply presents an opportunity for another person to take up the mantle and ensure that this it is well maintained for years to come.

So, if you have a spare £2 million knocking about this US home could be yours.