Railway enthusiasts were given a real treat at the beginning of the month as the Black Five 44392 made the journey from central London to Yeovil.

Along the way, The Cathedrals Express service between the capital and the south-west stopped off at Feltham. It was a highly poignant moment for both engine and town as it was the first time in 50 years that a steam train has pulled into Feltham station, Get West London reports. The Black Five 44392 pulled into the station on June 1st at 10:42 BST to pick up passengers heading to the south-west.

The service was running to celebrate Yeovil Railway Centre's 20th anniversary with passengers boarding the train in London in the morning and returning on the same day. The sight of the iconic locomotive chugging its way into the station brought back a host of memories for railway enthusiasts.

Spanning 11 carriages and made up of four classes from standard premium to Pullman style dining, the Black Five 44392 provided passengers with utmost luxury as it pulled out of central London and snaked its way to rural Somerset. Those not lucky enough to possess a ticket stood by on the platform and waved off the engine as it made its way out of Feltham and along to its final destination.

The Cathedrals Express to Yeovil is just one of the number of steam train journeys from the south of England to a host of destinations. For example, passengers can enjoy a trip to York, home of the National Railway Museum aboard the Union of South Africa, recently part of the Great Gathering. While trips to other favourites such as Scarborough, Oxford and Shrewsbury are all available to purchase.

Seeing the UK via a steam train is both a unique and glorious experience for anyone that wishes to sit back and watch the world glide by.