January is traditionally a time for reflection and as the festivities of the new year passed, many have been looking back at what they achieved over the course of 2013.

For Mamod it has been a pleasing year with the company able to launch a number of new products including the marine engine and accessories. The products have been launched with a number of components including a double acting twin oscillating engine, slide valve marine engine, vertical boiler as well as an inline lubricator. These are expected to be popular choices for the months ahead.

The company has already been considering what moves need to be taken in the future and what products are going to be a hit with consumers. One of the ideas previously floated was the return of the Le Mans Racer. Since this product was discontinued there has been somewhat of a clamour for it to be reinstated but Mamod admitted that there has been problems in its production.

Due to its complex design it requires a specific process and the company that carries out the laser cut blanks work for Mamod has unfortunately gone out of business. This has meant that a comeback for the Le Mans Racer looks unlikely and Mamod would only consider it if it received a large order which would then be worthwhile.

While the company looks forward to 2014, here are the two biggest sellers of 2013.

1312 Steam roller – £146

The 1312 Steam roller is one of the stalwarts of Mamod's catalogue and has proved to be a real favourite for collectors and steam enthusiasts alike. This classic model provides a real sense of nostalgia for those who remember an era when steam dominated the UK. Days before the modern electrified train lines and when the idea of an electric car was pure fantasy, these steam rollers were a common sight.

Mamod describes the model as a "superbly realistic model of an early road roller" and has displayed its dominance in the sheer popularity it has with the company's customers. Available in a pre-assembled or kit form the 1312 Steam roller is the perfect introduction for people getting into modelling for the first time.

The model measures 177 x 144 x 255mm and weighs in at 1,940g.

SP4 Steam Engine – £124.20

Moving away from the mobile models and Mamod is once again excelling within the stationary models section. 2013 has seen orders flood in for the SP4 Steam Engine which is a perfect embodiment of the steam age. This model has been beautifully crafted by engineers at Mamod and is a versatile unit with the ability of powering any workshop models.

This product, which features a piston engine along with a chimney displaying the Mamod brand, is a perfect model for people looking to expand their collection or simply entering the stationary modelling side of things for the first time. It can be enhanced with the purchase of a separately sold workshop or can just be admired by itself.

The models measures 185 x 260 x 208mm and weighs 1,650g.