Owning a model steam collection can become a full time job as many people spend hours creating layouts and scenery that can perfectly compliment their working models.

It is a big commitment but is something that is wholly rewarding as people are able to watch the trains whiz around the track. For those of you that prefer the more traditional models such as stationary engine or the classic steam roller then these are simply products that have to be admired. While it is all well and good having a model that is aesthetically pleasing if they are not well maintained then they could look a mess.

Mamod has a range of models that produce real steam and due to this it is important that buyers take good care of them and ensure they are well looked after. It can become a daily routine to give a collection a once over to keep them in pristine condition, obviously there will be the usual wear and tear over the years but, correctly maintained, these will only be a minor problem.

Here is a few tips to take care of your Mamod models.

What will I need?

Before you start anything you need to make sure that you have a variety of cleaning tools. A lot of the cleaning can be done with simple things that are readily available in the home. You will require warm water and washing up liquid, malt vinegar and salt, wet and dry paper along with a dusting cloth and brasso wadding.

The brasswork is one of the most important parts of the model so you need to be extra careful when cleaning. Mamod reminds customers that any engine cleaning is done at their own risk and you need to be aware of the processes before starting.

Cleaning the boiler

The boiler is the focal point of so many Mamod models and it needs to be properly maintained to ensure that the products keep that pristine look. Before you do anything, however, make sure you set out a space because this can be a messy process.

Cleaning the boiler is a fairly straightforward process and begin by stripping the engine down as far as possible, if you have a SE type model, make sure to work around the pipework.

Using a wet cloth remove any loose dirt from the boiler and then rinse it off before drying carefully. Take the Brasso Wadding to give the boiler a proper scrub and be persistent as there could a build-up of burnt on lacquer. By methodically cleaning small areas and then using a duster to polish away any removed dirt this will create a real shine.

Should you encounter any oxidisation on your boiler don't worry. Simply use the wadding with a solution of vinegar and salt which will to polish it. Should it be severe take a very fine wet and dry paper firstly dampening the boiler before using the dry side then polish with the wadding and a duster.


The brass that you will have removed when cleaning the boiler can be touched up by placing them in the vinegar and salt while you deal with the boiler. Once out of the liquid they will be much easier to polish using the wadding.

What you must not do is use wadding inside the cylinder or put any painted or brass plated items in the solution as they could be damaged.

By following these simple steps you will be able to properly maintain your Mamod product.