The story of the UK's steam heritage is an interesting tale and can be told a thousand times over by those that saw the mighty engines of the time dominate the nation's rail network.

These majestic vehicles provided wonderment and excitement for anyone that set their eyes on them. Everything from the famous Flying Scotsman to the Mallard were powered by huge engines allowing them to hit top speeds and literally open the country up to passengers living in previously unreachable areas. The power was the result of generations of hard work ever since Robert Stephenson developed the first-ever locomotive and drove the UK to the forefront of the steam revolution.

As a railway enthusiast, a person will enjoy the black and white footage of these major trains in motion but the economics behind the engines was something to behold and celebrated throughout the nation. At Mamod, it has a range of stationary steam engines that can bring to life the years gone by and provide a history on how these power sources managed to rev up  some of the biggest trains to ever grace the nation's rail networks.

One of the defining products within the company's range is the SP5D Steam Engine + Dynamo which gives an insight into how the trains were powered during the early 1900s. Mamod has a multitude of steam engine products that can be both constructed from scratch or simply purchased in full working order.

This product comes with or without the dynamo depending on the buyers preference and features a bulb, pressure gauge and extra power. It is described by the company as demonstrating "educational principal of change from steam power to electricity" and acts as a perfect component to learn about the history of how trains worked during the early part of the 20th century. In terms of model size, the SP5D measures 200 x 260 x 208 mm and weighs 1,500 g but this can be altered without the dynamo.

When picking up a Mamod product, buyers are getting the guarantee that care and attention has been taken when putting together the item. The company has a strong and long-standing tradition of only purchasing materials from the UK and creates all of its models in its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands.

It is not just the stationary engines that Mamod specialises in – the company also has a host of train and rollers that are synonymous with the golden age of steam and can bring back great memories of seeing these giants of the rail pass through towns and countryside. All the products are ideal for collectors who can set up their railway set in the comfort of their hobby with some of the best handcrafted models that money can buy.

Mamod's range of steam engines is truly unique products and can take pride of place in an enthusiast's home. Whether it is the first gift for a railway fanatic or just another addition to a collection, purchasers will not be disappointed with the quality that Mamod produces.

Buyers can pick up the SP5D Steam Engine + Dynamo from the company's website from £207.