Europe is a great continent to experience with so much diverse culture ranging from one country to the next.

With the 2013 summer holiday season drawing to a close many people may be considering their next break abroad and one way you can combine a love of trains with discovering Europe is through InterRail. Many young travellers use the buzzword of "interrailing" as a great way of getting around the continent on the cheap by purchasing a pass and stopping in hostels along the way.

However, this type of vacation is not just for the young as it can be a great option for older people who enjoy travelling by train and do not really fancy long haul flights. Europe has some of the most magnificent scenery in the world and it would be a crying shame to miss out on seeing this due to travelling at 30,000 feet.

The great thing about InterRail is that you can start the adventure from your own home and don't have to have the fuss of dealing with airport security or expensive taxi journeys to the airport. You can simply start from your nearby train station. Head down to St Pancras Station in London then jump on the Eurostar to the likes of Lille, Paris or Brussels then move onto the rest of Europe.

An InterRail Global Pass will allow you onto trains across the continent and start at just £159 per person for a second class ticket for five days within ten days. Continuous train travel passes begin at £270 per person for 15 days and go up to one month continuous which is priced at £382 for every member of your party.

While the younger generation will be happy to slum it in hostels you may to prefer to stop in more up market hotels along the way. With the majority of routes heading through large European cities you will no doubt be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the right hotel for your needs.

The great thing about the InterRail is that you get to experience all the sights and sounds of the European countryside and scenic rail routes. For example, a great place to start is Paris where you can make the journey to the south of France visiting the likes of Marseille, Nice and Monte Carlo. From there you can make your way into Italy calling at Milan before moving to Bern in Switzerland.

As you can imagine the scenery is truly breathtaking especially when you are passing through the Alpine region of Switzerland and France. The routes also allow you to venture into Scandinavia with routes available to the likes of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Trondheim in the northern part of Norway.

Even if the majestic scenery isn't your cup of tea you can still enjoy the great capital cities that Europe has to offer. It is something much more than the same, tired old holiday to the likes of Mallorca and the Algarve and can be a real rewarding experience.