London has long been famous for its iconic transport – the Underground, black taxis and, of course, the red buses.

Tourists from all over the world feel their trip to the English capital is incomplete without hopping on one of London's many red buses. The public transport vehicles have become as synonymous with the city as visiting Buckingham Palace or trying some jellied eels. While nowadays the everyday bus is far more modernised to deal with the strain of the hectic rush hours that occur all year round, there is still a great sense of nostalgia when it comes to the vehicle heritage that London has seen over the years.

London Buses operates over 7,500 buses across the capital, carrying around six million passengers per day. It is currently one of the largest networks in the world, covering all parts of Greater London. Over the years, the vehicle has had to both evolve and modernise with the growing demand of an ever-expanding English capital. However, it is great to look back at some of the majestic vehicles that patrolled the roads in years gone by.

At Mamod, that trip down memory lane can be brought into reality with the company's 1410R Red London Bus. This is the perfect encapsulation of the way that the buses looked back in 1910. Complete with the authentic advertising boards of the day stuck onto the side, it provides a great history lesson for younger collectors while for older buyers it could provide a great flashback to their childhood.

The model is very reminiscent of the LGOC (London General Omnibus Company) B-type which was first introduced in 1910 and subsequently began carrying passengers in 1911. It is widely considered to be the first-ever mass-produced bus in the UK, and by 1913 around 2,500 had entered service. It became one of London's most recognised forms of public transport and the fleet was even used to help transport soldiers during World War I.

Mamod has managed to recreate this model leaning more towards the 1920s era using all the very best materials sourced exclusively in the UK. The company has a strong to commitment to buying British when it comes to building these models and then they are lovingly put together at its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands.

Each product is made with brass fittings, brightly decorated and comes with a durable powder coating to ensure the longevity of the individual. The bus would make the perfect gift for both young and old that have a keen interest in English history and evolution of the London bus.

Available in both the traditional red and green, the bus weighs in at 3,800 g and measures 285 x 170 x 455 mm ensuring that it could take pride of place at a collector's home for years and generations to come. Mamod takes great pride in producing the best models for enthusiasts and this red London bus can bring back great memories of days when these were a regular feature in the city.

Both the red and green models are available from Mamod priced at £474.00.