There is an old phrase that "you always want what you can't have" or that people do not know what they have got until its gone.

These statements could ring true with Mamod's Le Mans Racer model. Replicating the famous vehicles of the iconic French road race, the company had created a series of intricately designed models which would be a great addition to any collection. Sadly, they had to be taken off the market following a production issue and Mamod has yet to find a replacement firm that could continue this work.

Le Mans Racer models were created with the use of laser cut blanks but once the company that carried out this job went of business it left Mamod in somewhat of a sticky situation. The decision was made to simply retire the model to the history books as there was not much of a demand for it. The company conceded that it was not a big seller and took it off the market rather than pursue making more.

However, like the old saying goes of always wanting something when it is gone, there seemed to be a clamour for the return of the model once it had been discontinued. Conversation has been rife on internet messageboards and social media with Mamod becoming inundated with fans wanting to know whether there will ever be a return of the Le Mans Racer. People have contacted the company saying what a shame it was that the model is no longer in production.

Despite the repeated calls for a return, Mamod has said due to the poor sales of the model during the first run it is unlikely that the Le Mans Racer will be available to purchase in the near future.

The company stated that it would need over 40 orders of the model to make a re-design worthwhile. It did offer some shred of hope however as officials said they would consider launching a limited if the demand was there but it would again be determined on whether it could find a company to form the bodies.

Making a Le Mans Racer model is a very intricate process and requires a certain types of expertise, hence why it had to be withdrawn when the laser cutting company went out of business. The blanks need to be bent into careful shapes which include a lot of curves and since Mamod does not possess the equipment or expertise it needed to be outsourced.

Due to the curve of the body not being a standard affair then, the judgement needs to be absolutely perfect. This mean a machine can not carry out the role and it has to be done by hand which can slow down the entire process. Mamod notes that companies are becoming reluctant to get involved with something that is so highly skilled and time consuming when it is not receiving a large order.

These factors make it hard to envisage a time when the Le Mans Racer will be making a return to retailers across the country.