A model steam engine collection can be the perfect present for people both young and old setting them up with a lifelong hobby.

While purchasing pre-assembled models means a collection can be built simply and quickly it does not provide the same satisfaction that comes with putting a model together yourself. There is a real sense of achievement when the completed model glides around the track or happily chugs along with a number of carriages in tow.

Not only does it provide a challenge and a rewarding process but it can also bring families together. Fathers and sons can sit down and take the time of painstakingly assembling the model which can take pride of place in their home. With Christmas fast-approaching as well there is no better time to introduce a loved one to the joy of building a steam model.

At Mamod, there are a host of model steam engine kits which can be put together to create some impressive products. Here are a selection of what is available for Christmas shopping.

1403K Traction Engine – £116

This kit is a great introduction to building model steam engines and does not require the expertise that some of the products do. It evokes memories of the UK's golden age of steam when these vehicles were regular features on the nation's roads.

It is a classic representation of the traction engines of years gone by and could be a great gift for an enthusiastic young relative wanting to learn more about a previous generation.

1400 Tractor and Wagon Kit TWK1 – £206

A step up from the 1403K Traction Engine, the 1400 Tractor and Wagon Kit TWK1 is somewhat of an intermediate product to build but one that can provide hours of fun. Like the previous model it features a classic traction engine with a black body and gold and silver wheels but this has the added bonus of a trailer.

Mamod has given the product an age range of 14 and above meaning that it can be a perfect model for father and son to put together. It can also act as the base of the beginning of a steam engine collection.

1405 Fire Engine Kit FE1K – £267

There was a time when these fire engines patrolled the streets of the UK but nowadays they are reserved to national museums. However, thanks to Mamod, collectors can bring these famous Edwardian vehicles back to life. The 1405 Fire Engine Kit FE1K is a slightly more challenging model but one that will be hugely rewarding and impressive once put together. It shines in a deep red colour and can be a real centrepiece of a collection when completed.

1407S Four-seater Limousine Kit SA1LK – £236

Think Mr Toad's car in the Wind and The Willows and you will have an image of Mamod's 1407 Four-seater Limousine Kit SA1LK. This one of the top products from the company's range and when complete is both unique and realistic, with all the fixtures being in working order – if put together properly.

Mamod offers this product in a choice of colours – silver, burgundy and green.