The world is constantly on the move and like the changing of the wind, new trends will come and go in any walk of life.

Model steam engines and railways will always have a place in the hearts of many people across the UK but there is always the need to innovate and provide the public with more choice for their money. Companies also need to keep on track with what is on trend and also spot gaps in the market for what could prove to be a major hit with their customer base. Mamod is no different and is constantly looking for new ideas for its next models.

Here are just some of the ideas that are currently on the table at Mamod HQ. While the following models have been mooted there are no clear plans as to which, if any, will be taken forward and made into models.

Stationary kit

Stationary kits have been a main talking point at Mamod and 2015 could see the release of a new product. The company has previously looked into the possibility of the SP2 being launched as a kit but there is a consensus that either a vertical boiler or marine engine could be a much better move. It believes there is a gap in the market for products like this as there are still avid collectors.

If made Mamod said that it would be a very powerful engine and would be able to power a number of other things. The company estimates that if released, the stationary kit would retail at £350 to £400.

Telford Slide Valve

The Telford Train itself is still an ongoing project but Mamod has looked at the creation of a Telford Slide Valve model. The company has not been able to achieve the high standard of performance needed for this model but if these issues are ironed then it could be another power engine. Mamod has previously produced slide valve models with the introduction of the William and the Brunel.

Mamod is unlikely to make the model available in kit form and will only be available in one colour to maintain the locomotive's identity.

Geared slide valve Marine Engine

Mamod has been putting a major focus on its Marine Engine of late and it could be releasing a third type of the model. It currently already produces double acting and oscillating models but the release of a geared slide valve version would complete the set.

The company believe that the engine's sheer power could be a major selling point for the model and the gears can provide much greater torque and slower speeds for larger boats. Another benefit is that all the accessories for the Marine Engine can be sourced from Mamod making it a breeze for collectors.

Brunel kit

Mamod has identified the Brunel engine as being a prime model to put into kit form. The vertical boiler has proved a big hit with customers and Mamod believes that if it was converted into kit format then it could continue its success.

This popular engine will be able to give the owner freedom of choice over their design but the company warns that if the design is changed there is no guarantee that it will run to standard.