Christmas is just around the corner and many people will be having a think at what they can get their nearest and dearest this festive season.

As the high streets of the UK's cities start to fill up with frantic shoppers there will naturally be that one person that people simply can not think what to get them. Help may be at hand as the gift of a model steam train can be perfect for both young and old alike. For the older generation it can be a real trip down memory lane while for youngsters it can be a great introduction to the steam trains of years gone by.

Mamod is one of the leading companies within this market and lovingly crafts a range of real working model steam trains that can either be the base of a collection or be a timely addition. The company invests real time and effort hand making these models and they are something of a real treat when opened on Christmas morning.

Here are a selection of the Mamod products on sale this Christmas.

Brunel Vertical Engine – £385

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was one of the pioneers of the railways in the UK and this model celebrates the work of this great purveyor of civil engineering. The Brunel Vertical Engine is fitted with a boiler making it one of the unique models within Mamod's range. It features a re-heating coil, slide valve piston/cylinder, glass water level and a ceramic burner

It represents the first geared drive model from Mamod and is equipped with a safety value rate to 40psi and improved sight glass and spare port.

Diamond Jubilee saddle Tank Set – £476

One of the more popular items in the Mamod range, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition Saddle Tank Steam Locomotive is a joy to behold. This fully working steam model comes in a rich ruby colour complete with brass spectacles and brass chimney cowl. It builds upon the Mark II engine chassis which has worked well for Mamod in the past.

When purchasing this model set, buyers will also receive eight pieces of straight "O" gauge track and 16 pieces of curved "O" gauge track. There is also the inclusion of steam oil and a gas adaptor.

Mamod MkII Set – £446

The model that inspired the Diamond Jubilee set, the Mark II model is described by the company as being "probably the best train set on the market". It is an impressive kit ideal for beginners just getting into model train collecting. It is slightly more compact than the Diamond Jubilee version and has a charcoal grey finish.

Buyers will also get an aluminium lightweight tender, eight pieces of straight "O" gauge track, 16 pieces of curved "O" gauge track, steam oil and a gas adaptor.

1352 LC Log Carrier – £44

Every good train set needs a few accessories and when purchasing for someone with an expanding collection the addition of a log carrier would not go a miss. The 1352 LC Log Carrier is based on the design of 1940s Timber Carrier. One of the benefits of this accessory is its versatility and it can be changed "O" gauge to "1" gauge with relative ease.