Christmas can be a glorious time of year but it can also be a challenging one as many people struggle with ideas for presents for their loved ones.

As the days draw nearer to December 25th, the high streets will be awash with shoppers wondering around with a grimaced and confused look on their face as they trawl the stores looking for a last-minute gift. In their haste they may pick out something that just isn't what their loved ones would like to receive. Having a methodical approach is probably the best way to go.

For model railway enthusiasts there is no better gift than one that will help them expand their horizons. While there are various ways people can add to their train collection, there is also the option of branching out to other areas of the glorious age of steam. This is where Mamod can step in as the company has a wide range of model steam engines that can bring back that nostalgia of yesteryear.

These models are some that steam fanatic Fred Dibnah would have looked upon with great fondness and due to the way Mamod creates these products, they are completely operational, complete with real steam.

Here are a selection of the Mamod models available to purchase this Christmas.

1312C Challenger – £232

The 1312 Challenger is one of the classic Mamod models available and recreates the iconic steam engine look, complete with steam roller front. The company states that this product "incorporates the successful design of the valve engine as seen on the Mamod Locomotive". It is one of the premier items within the company's catalogue and is a big favourite with collectors.

It features silver solder construction with re-heating coil, double acting piston valve, a 9.5 bore and 14.0 stroke, displacement lubricator and forward and reverse action by slip eccentric.

1410 London Bus – £474

Once upon a time these buses would be a common sight on the streets of the UK but when the age of steam was replaced with electricity they would soon become a thing of the past. Mamod's 1410 London Bus model comes in either green or red and perfectly recreates a 1920 outside stairs 'B' type omnibus that were synonymous with the capital during this era.

In terms of specifications it measures 520 x 200 x 320mm and weight 4,000g.

1313S Samson – £278

Like the 1312 Challenger, the 1313S Samson is a hark back to the glory days of steam engines but unlike its counterpart, this is not a roller model. It is one of Mamod's limited edition products and would make a great collector's item coming complete with its own specific number, Samson name plaque and certificate.

Mamod states that when put together this product "makes a very attractive engineered model steam engine". It would make a great present under the tree on Christmas morning.

1404 Fire Engine – £287

The 1404 Fire Engine is a great example of an early Edwardian Fire Truck and stands out in the bright red with brass and chrome trim. This model is the "put together" version but people can also purchase it in kit form which will give that extra benefit of people being able to have that "I made that" feeling.