Creating a train set in the comfort of their own home can be a collector's dream come true but there are a number of important components needed to make this come to fruition.

Mamod has an extensive range of unique and handcrafted model steam trains but it would be a terrible shame if people can not see these in full flow and by picking up some pieces of track mean they will be able set up their own railway throughout their home. Having Mamod's Diamond Jubilee saddle Tank Set complete with goods wagon and log carrier being transported on the new track will be an impressive sight for any visitors that come round to the collector's house.

The company provides both the normal straight and curved track options for those just looking for a simple layout and also more complex offerings. The 1354 Curved '0' Gauge Track comes in a pack of eight and measures up at 8.5 x 298 x 66 mm and weighing in at 1,223g while the 1353 Straight '0' Gauge Track also 8.5 x 298 x 66 mm but is slightly lighter at 1,260g. This will provide collectors with the perfect tools to create a simple circular track to see their new train trundle along on.

In the famous Wallace and Gromit
episode  The Wrong Trousers, both Wallace and Gromit find themselves in a breakneck chase on a model railway from a criminal mastermind penguin named Feather McGraw. Unfortunately, Mamod's range of track is not as easily put together as Gromit demonstrated and it is probably best advised that people do not attempt any high speed chases while putting this set together.

All pieces are handcrafted at Mamod's factory in Smethwick in the West Midlands and the company maintains its tradition of staying local and resisting the temptation to order in materials from outside the UK. The firm has a long standing vision of staying true to its roots and creating all products from its facilities near to Birmingham.

For the more adventurous model railway fanatic they can pick up both left and right hand points meaning the track can be easily expanded and allow for more than one train to be on the network at any one point. The former measures at 17 x 303 x 119 mm and weighs 289g making it ideal for any of the multitude of steam train models that Mamod produces.

While Wallace and Gromit or Tom and Jerry would have made light work of the track, collectors will be able to take great pride in the finished article when it is up and running. Once again, by picking up products from Mamod, enthusiasts will be able to bring the age of steam into their homes and see some of the majestic engines of this era brought back to life.

All the products mentioned are currently available from Mamod's online store and are made from the finest materials available within the model railway sector. The straight and curved track is on sale for £45 for a pack of eight while the points are priced at £45 each.