The UK has been home to some great pioneers over the generations: Sir Isaac Newton, George Stephenson and Sir Robert Peel, to name just a few.

However, only a handful have had the same impact on the railway industry the same way that Isambard Kingdom Brunel has. He gave birth to the Great Western Railway which connects London to Bristol and later to Exeter. His vision was to allow passengers to travel from London Paddington to New York with just one ticket hopping on the SS Great Western steamship in Neyland, South Wales. The line is still used to this very day carrying tens of thousands of people between the English capital to the West Country city every year.

Brunel's achievements followed on from the work of Stephenson and showed to the world Great Britain's advancement when it came to creating railway networks. The Great Western Railway was dominated by the famous Flying Dutchman train and people from all around flocked to jump on, whether they lived in London, Bristol or Exeter. Its run between 1849 and 1892 allowed passengers to experience a different part of the country that was previously unheard before the birth of this network.

The steam age was a great time for the country and while the Flying Scotsman was charging up and down the nation from Edinburgh Waverley and London Kings Cross, the Dutchman provided great opportunities for people to enjoy a holiday by the seaside near to Exeter. To honour this golden part of British railways, Mamod has a unique product ideal for any enthusiastic collector.

The company's Brunel Vertical Engine is a majestic model that is highly reminiscent of the heyday of the man himself. The product includes a silver soldered boiler complete with a re-heating coil and slide valve piston/cylinder. Mamod has implemented its first geared drive ensuring a smooth run when let loose on the track. There is also a glass water level, pressure gauge and ceramic burner to give it real authenticity.

One of the best things about purchasing a Mamod model is the real life working system that comes with it. All trains, engines and steam rollers produce real steam and the Brunel Vertical Engine comes with a butane/propane gas tank to give the look of a working engine. The company has made significant improvements to the model as well, with the introduction of sight glass and spare port.

As with any Mamod product, buyers get the guarantee that when they pick up one of these items they are getting a model that has been made exclusively from materials sourced in the UK. The company handcrafts all of its items at its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands, and sticks to its long-standing tradition of only buying local.

The Brunel Vertical Engine would make the perfect present for any model railway enthusiast, whether for those that are simply adding to their collection or people just starting up. What's more, it can be complemented with a host of accessories such as track and carriages.

The model is currently on sale from Mamod's website priced at £385.