The UK is renowned across the globe for producing some of the greatest steam trains to ever grace the rails.

Sir Nigel Gresley was the driving force behind some of the most iconic steam engines such as Mallard and the Flying Scotsman. Nowadays these trains are confined to museums or special weekends and have been replaced by the modern electric-powered trains that patrol the lines of the UK. While for many of the older generation seeing a steam train brings back so many memories it can be lost on some younger people.

As Christmas approaches many people will be thinking of that last-minute Christmas present to buy one of their loved and what could be better than introducing a younger member of the family to the age of steam? By buying a steam train model from Mamod it can allow people to educate their children not only about the days when the Mallard and Flying Scotsman dominated the rails but also how these majestic beasts worked.

Mamod models are unlike most others available on the market because they are powered by steam and need to be properly maintained to ensure that they are able to run properly. Youngsters can learn about how the boiler can convert fuel into steam and how this allows the engines to power the model forward. These products are carefully hand crafted at the company's premises in Smethwick, West Midlands.

For railway model enthusiasts the gift of a scaled down train, traction engine or car can be a great bonding moment between themselves and their children. It can set them on their to developing a lifelong hobby and be the start of their very own collection. Mamod models are especially unique but have the ability to be built up whether that is through various track or the creation of intricate layouts.

The company not only has a range of pre-assembled models but also has a number of kits that can provide that extra level of achievement for buyers. While it is all well and good having a model that comes ready straight out of the box, one thing that create a real sense of pride is one that has been built between two family members.

Mamod has a selection of kits that parent and child can sit down together with and build from scratch. This is a great bonding experience and allows the older generation to explain which bits are crucial for allowing the steam to power the various models. Once they are completed people can sit back and have that "I made that" feeling with only comes with completing a long-term project.

It can also provide some nostalgia for the parents who may have had Meccano sets as a child themselves. The benefits of a Mamod product is that you can watch on in delight as the trains whizz around the tracks or the traction engines trundle along.

As it is only a handful days left before Christmas, it could be the perfect time to introduce a younger family member to the joys of steam.