In the modelling world there is the obvious choice to purchase such as the train, car or even helicopter but there is one that is often overlooked – the boat.

As a child there was no better feeling than being able to put together an engine and make it chug along a road or track. Then there was the dawn of the remote controlled helicopter which saw modelling take to the skies. In October, a model show in Germany showcased a successful flight of a huge model Singapore Airlines A380 which highlighted the next level of model engineering.

However, for people wanting something different the only way to go is on the water. While there is the option to opt for a simple model boat but for a real treat people can pick a working steam model. Just in time for Christmas, Mamod has introduced two new engines that would sit perfectly in any kind of marine-based models. This can provide the perfect addition to a person's collection.

There are many different styles of engine available from Mamod including a slide valve marine engine and a double acting twin oscillating engine. Both of these versions are self-starting engines which can go in both forward and reverse. These products are built to last with Mamod hand crafting each engine from stainless steel and brass.

Slide Valve Marine Engine – £174

Mamod describes the slide valve marine as being "robust" and fitted with a "built in lubricator and can be geared down to reduce it’s running speed". It boasts a stainless steel and brass construction and a vertical boiler. Mamod explains that the geared drive allows collectors to slow down the engine in full flight which will help to lower the torque.

While it will be running at a lower speed the propeller is stronger making it the perfect component for people using a heavier boat. This capability is reflected in the engine's price as it can power a much larger model and not just the standard pond boats.

One of the more impressive features of the slide valve marine engine is the use of a displacement lubricator. The engine involves steam carrying a certain amount of water when it starts which is then placed in a reservoir that condenses it. This process means that the pipes are suitably lubricated and making sure the model runs smoothly and efficiently.

Double Acting Twin Oscillating Engine – £130.50

The double acting twin oscillating engine is a slightly cheaper option from the slide valve marine engine but is still a powerful engine which can provide the perfect component for any nautical model. This self starting twin engine would be powerful enough to ensure that a model boat can chug happily on its way across a lake. Mamod has installed a piston with a 9.5mm diameter which, like its counterpart, has the option of forward and reverse functions and has a striking stainless steel and brass construction.

While not as powerful as the marine engine it would still be sufficient for any collector looking to go nautical.