Christmas is fast-approaching and people all over the UK will be trawling the high streets of the country looking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

For relatives of model railway enthusiasts this can provide a perfect opportunity to help them add to their collection. There are a host of different products available ranging from replica locomotives, track and scenery but for those that are looking for a stocking filler type gift they could look at purchasing an accessory.

These products can give a collection an extra coat of gloss and complement the items that people may already possess. At Mamod, there are a range of extra tidbits that can be the real cherry on top when it comes to creating a layout. The company is also able to provide replacements and maintenance devices for products bought previously.

Here are a selection of the Mamod accessories that could make great Christmas presents.

1390 Water Cart – £68

The 1390 Water Cart can a great alternative to the traditional carriages to be pulled by your model steam engine. It can be used to accompany the range of steamrollers and traction engines that Mamod has on offer. For the more adventurous it would sit perfectly for those looking to create a 1920s backdrop.

1370 Steam Roller Trailer SR1A – £97

Like the Water Cart, the 1370 Steam Roller Trailer SR1A will be perfect for those enthusiasts wanting to create a layout to capture the essence of the golden age of steam in the UK. Measuring 125 x 230 x 145mm and weighing 997g it can be pulled easily by a Mamod steamroller or traction engine.

People could even impress guests by having the cart deliver party snacks to the dinner table, a great trick at Christmas time especially with young children around.

1336 Workshop WS1 – £110

This is one of Mamod's classic products and can provide a link for people wanting to make the crossover from collecting steam trains to stationary models. Powered by an electric motor, people will be able control the speed at which it rotates and can open up numerous opportunities to build and expand. Mamod also has a wide variety of static models that can be purchased after this initial model.

Vertical Gas Tank – £62

Vertical gas tanks are present on many real-life steam engines and provide power into the main engine and this is no different when purchasing a Mamod product. This larger item has a diameter of 44mm and an overall height of 100mm and can even be attached to your steam train.

1350 Solid Fuel – £4.50

The last thing a model railway collector needs is for their steam engines to run out of juice while on the track. Mamod's box of 20 waxed solid fuel tablets is the ideal stocking filler for enthusiasts and it means that they can go a while longer without the need for restocking. It can also be the perfect addition if you have already picked out a train to be the main present under the tree.