The launch of the Marine Engine has caused much discussion among modellers across the UK as Mamod branches to the nautical side of things.

When putting together a model collection a boat is not typically the first thing that people would think of. The community is largely dominated by the rail and the road with Mamod already offering model steam trains, steam rollers along with a host of vintage cars. The Le Mans Racer has also received somewhat of a cult following since it was taken out of production, which just goes to show the popularity that these types of models have.

Mamod's decision to take modelling to water has been an intriguing concept and could be a great starting point for people wanting to take a different approach when it comes to building their own collection. Alongside the previously released Slide Valve Marine Engine and the Double Acting Twin Oscillating Engine which were both unveiled prior to the Christmas period, Mamod has now introduced a series of accessories for the engine.

The company stated that the two engines are both self starting but the accessories go hand-in-hand with the power sources and can be the perfect accompaniment to help the boat chug its way along a pond.

Here are the selection of accessories that Mamod have created to complement the Marine Engine.

Vertical boiler – £125

The vertical boiler is one of the main selling points of the Marine Engine and is an impressive feature to sit on top of the model. It is based on the successful Brunel Loco that Mamod has produced in the past and will be a sufficient component for the engine. The company has installed a steam valve, top up valve, safety valve, water level plug and pressure gauge.

It can be a great addition to collectors that are building up a nautical themed array of models and be a really impressive product to show to other like minded people.

Inline lubricator & ceramic burner, gas tank, pipes and fittings – £36.25 and £90 respectively.

Once the setting up process has been completed modellers will be keen to ensure that their Marine Engine is well maintained over the years. The inline lubricator provides a streamlined quality and ensures that everything runs smoothly and does not overheat, which is every modellers' nightmare.

The ceramic burner, gas tank, pipes and fittings are handy to have in case something unexpectedly brakes and needs to be replaced swiftly. This reduces the need for the product to be sent back or taken to a repair shop. Allowing the user to fix any problems straight away is a prominent selling point for building up the Marine Engine.

These accessories can provide everything that a person may need for working either a Double Acting Twin Oscillating Engine or a Slide Valve Marine Engine. When fitted to the boat then it can glide seamlessly over the water and give people the model that they have always wanted. It can also be an addition that is something slightly different from the norm.