An Edwardian fire engine is one of the most elegant vehicles from days gone by and represents the "all in this together" spirit that was prevalent in the early 20th century.

The image of the vehicle itself can evoke memories of a simpler time where people came together more as a community. The UK was awash with talk of forthcoming war efforts which managed to galvanise a nation. Now enthusiasts can celebrate this era by purchasing and recreating one of these iconic fire trucks. Mamod gives buyers the option of picking up a completed version, or they can actually build the vehicle from scratch in a specially-dedicated kit, now what could be more fun than that?

Mamod's 1405 Fire Engine Kit FE14 is one of those unique presents that is perfect for model enthusiasts to work on by themselves or be a project for friends and family to work on. It is sure to give people that great sense of "I built that" pride once the vehicle is complete. For those of an older generation, it can give a sense of nostalgia for when these fire engines used to patrol the streets up and down the country.

The building kit is described as being slightly more challenging than Mamod's other packs, but it is well worth the price tag. The vehicle is finished in a typically bright red hue, with a brass and chrome trim and once a buyer has got it up and running they will have what the company notes as "a magnificent working model of a early Edwardian fire truck".

In terms of weight and dimensions, the vehicle comes in at 3,050g and measures 585 x 540 x 100mm. When picking up a Mamod product you can always be sure that the utmost care and attention has gone into its creation with the company maintaining its long-standing tradition of only purchasing materials that have been sourced in the UK.

David Terry, managing director of the company, said: "We do not buy metals and parts from abroad. The buying is done from English stockists and most of them are in the Birmingham area. We are one of the few English companies that seek out suppliers in our region."

The company has been making these sets since its creation in 1936 and still to this day makes the steam engines, trains and stationary steam engines from its site in Smethwick in the West Midlands. This shows that there is still a good demand from people who want to purchase and test themselves by attempting to put them together.

The 1405 Fire Engine Kit FE14 would make an ideal gift for the upcoming Father's Day and can bring families together in the spirit that was so prevalent during the times in which these majestic vehicles once patrolled the streets. The joy of being able to put together a fully functional vehicle in the home is bound to be enough to purchase this hand-crafted unique vehicle.

The Edwardian fire truck is available now from Mamod for £267.00.