Building a model railway is a labour of love and can take years to craft but, for some, there comes a time to say goodbye.

This is the case for David Hough, from Ferndown, Dorset, who, after years of painstakingly putting together his nine feet by 12 feet model railway, is ready to give it up to a loving home. The layout sits in a purpose built shed at the bottom of Mr Hough’s garden but with a move to a new house in the works, he is relinquishing his beloved train set.

Bournemouth Echo reports that Mr Hough explained there simply will not be enough room for his model railway in his new abode and he is looking for either a worthy charity or school that will be able to accommodate it. The layout was originally donated to Portfield School for children with autism but due to a lack of funds, the facility was unable to purchase a special hut to house the layout.

Speaking to the news provider, Mr Hough said: “I hope it might be used for the benefit of a local worthy cause. It has given me pleasure in building it and I would like to see it give pleasure to people less lucky than myself.”

The former College of Air Traffic Control instructor has crafted a narrow gauge railway depicting the Cornish south coast. It depicts the stunning views that people can enjoy when travelling around this part of the country. The railway has provided Mr Hough with hours of enjoyment following his retirement ten years ago and was even a part of his life shortly before the end of his career.

Mr Hough’s story is yet another example of how with some time and care, people can craft some really special model railway layouts in the comfort of their own home.