For enthusiasts there is nothing better than setting up a model railway in the comfort of their own home.

They provide a great hobby for the young and old and will be created into a real masterpiece if people are prepared to invest the time and effort. Some regard it as having their own project they need to complete while others seeing it as a great way of indulging in something that might have been a childhood dream.

The great thing about a model railway is that you call the shots throughout the creation. You can build your own little world including stations and scenery. Some people like to recreate their hometown among the rolling hills or even bring to life favourite holiday destinations they went to as a youngster or even a dreamland that they have always wanted to visit.

Simply, a model railway can provide a great sense of escapism, but at the same time being a hobby that pretty anyone can enjoy.

Getting started

For those of you wanting to set up your own model railway there is one thing that you will need above everything else – space. Many people choose to utilise the back bedroom or the garage, if sufficiently converted, for a place to set up their miniature world. Depending on your ambitions you may want to have a much larger space than others.

Once you have your room sorted then you can begin to think of how you're going to build your world. Firstly, you need to start small and get the basics right. By creating a simple track that works means you can then begin to think big and purchase some accessories such as stations and miniature people.

Be creative

If you visit the National Railway Museum in York you can not only marvel at the wide array of famous steam trains, but there is also one of the finest model railways you will ever see. Spanning one side of the museum's Great Hall, it is an excellent show of craftsmanship and something you could take inspiration from.

The scenery is akin to the sprawling Yorkshire Dales and is something that you could possibly aspire to in your own set. It is simply a case of being creative and ensuring that you get that layout that you have always desired. Look into purchasing some piece of scenery whether it be recreating luscious fields or even going the other way and depicting a desert railroad as seen in any Clint Eastwood cowboy film.

There are limitless possibilities to what you can create. If you're feeling more adventurous why not consider adding a lake or even a mini-waterfall? These are aspects that would really wow visitors and something you could truly be proud of should you get it working properly. Or even set up various towns and cities so your trains are moving through suburbia and into the big city station.

The great thing about a model railway is that you can let your mind take over and create some truly innovative landscapes.