Stationary steam models are the ideal present for railway enthusiasts or anyone with an interest in the mechanics of a working engine.

They may not have the same appeal as a model train or boat but they do carry their own special charm. What they lack in mobility they make up in intricate design and operation and Mamod is a dedicated creator of these models. The company has been manufacturing these products for decades and has a real expertise when it comes to the ins and outs of steam powered stationary models.

Mamod has a range of different models available, all of which are hand-crafted and given the love and affection they deserve. The company has produced everything from dynamos, engines which convert steam power to electricity, to educational models to those designed for the seasoned collector.

Here is a selection of Mamod's stationary model range.

SP2D – £146

The SP2D steam engine and dynamo is the ideal educational tool for the younger generation looking to get into modelling and steam. Based on the SP2, this model is the ultimate starter engine for young enthusiasts. It demonstrates the principles of steam but can also be upgraded with the addition of a number of accessories.

SP4 – £124.20

The SP4 stationary model is the natural successor to the SE1a and SE2a that became trailblazers for Mamod. One of the key features of the SP4 is its ability to run in two directions thanks to a reverse lever. The exhaust is directed out of the chimney but the boiler comes equipped with a whistle, which is a nice little accessory to have.

For those building a workshop, the SP4 is a great mid-range engine to use which still has the ability to power a project of this ilk.

SP5 – £151

Like with the SP2, the SP5 is available in a dynamo version, the SP5D, but at the higher price of £216. The non-dynamo version is still much more powerful than the SP4 and boasts a twin oscillating engine. It has a much bigger boiler than the SP4 but does carry on the theme of reverse levers and twin cylinders.

It has the ability to run a number of workshops simultaneously which demonstrates the power that these models can produce. In the past it has been used by schools for educational purposes and was also the top-of-the-range model of its time.

SP8 – £349

For those with a bit extra cash to spare the SP8 is the way to go. The model is Mamod's first Beam Engine and utilises the same double acting piston valve cylinder motion that is used in a number of other products but taking it to the next level. The engine is mounted at one end of the beam with the crane shaft and flywheel situated at the other end.

Mamod states that this engine is unlike some of the others within its range as it can be powered by either solid fuel or through gas burning. It can be the centrepiece in the collection of any seasoned steam enthusiast.