Steam trains are one of the UK's biggest treasures and will always have a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts all across the land.

The Borders Railway is set to be renovated in one of the longest domestic rail projects in 100 years. In 1969, the historic Waverley which connected the Scottish Borders to the National Rail network was closed as part of a series of cuts to British Railway. However, in two years time it will be brought back to life and the 30 mile route will be operational once again. There is also one major bonus, steam trains will be returning to the track.

First minister Alex Salmond announced that iconic railway engines will be chartered to carry passengers along the Borders Railway in a bid to increase tourism around the area. Mr Salmond explained that the decision has been taken to allow more to see the magnificent scenery that the region has to offer.

The government is currently in discussion with a number of charter firms that will undertake a series of special services. This will add yet another reason to visit the picturesque setting of the Scottish Borders and ministers hope that it can bring the same type of commerce which the likes of Yorkshire benefits from.

Mr Salmond said: "As well as a vital commuter route, the reopened line will provide outstanding opportunities for tourism in the Borders, with passengers expected to flock to see the many fantastic attractions and experiences on offer here, not to mention the attraction that the new line will have for railway enthusiasts."

The Borders Railway will also act as a normal train line providing people with easy access to Edinburgh and thus connections to other parts of the country. Scotland has now added to its range of heritage train lines, which are also prevalent across England and Wales. Yorkshire is a great destination for this type of excursion with The Scarborough Spa Express being one of the most popular in the country.