Building a steam model collection is a real labour of love and takes both time and money to achieve something that you are happy with.

The first barrier of course is choosing which route to go down whether it is to embrace stationary models, tractions engines, steam trains or a mix of all three but one thing that can really add some pizzazz to any collection. Many enthusiasts have gone on to create working train sets in their spare room or even have a steam workshop with a range of stationary engines and this can all be made possible by purchasing the right accessories.

However, normally the first thought that enters into people's minds is the overall cost and while steam modelling is not a cheap affair, there are a number of bargains you can pick up to ensure that you create a layout you can be proud of. No matter what type of steam model collection you are going to invest in there are a range of accessories that will give you something that will look impressive for any visitors you may have.

Here are a range of the best accessories Mamod has to offer that will boost your specific collections.

Steam train accessories

A steam train collection is one of the most obvious options for people looking to accessorise. There are limitless opportunities to build detailed layouts and recreate some famous backdrops from the UK and further afield. When it comes to adding to a steam collection you can build scenery or simply add to the track, trains and backgrounds.

The track is probably the main focus allowing people expand the confines of a singular circular track. Mamod's curved track pack for £48 allows people to create a network of railway for their steam trains. There is also the option of purchasing accessories for the train itself including a passenger carriage (£48), log carrier (£44), guard's van (£48) and goods wagon (£42) to create a replica of a real railway.

To give it another sense of authenticity people can purchase left hand and right hand points which people can install on the side of their track and dictate which trains pass through when.

Stationary engine accessories

For those collectors that are more focused towards the stationary side of things there are still a range of option available to help accessorise and create a working site within the comfort of their own home. Almost a must-have purchase to complement the stationary steam engines is a workshop (priced at £114.75) which can be the focal point of an entire collection. There are also a range of other components that can be smoothly added to a main layout. Mamod stocks accessories such as a grinder, hammer, polishing mop and power press which are all priced at £63 while large and small round burners are also available to purchase.

Whether you are opting for a stationary collection, a steam train layout or even building a collection of traction engines, there is one thing that can not be overlooked – solid fuel. These are available in packs of 20 for just £4.95.