Christmas has passed and now people are gearing for the final hurrah of 2014 as the dawn of a new year approaches.

It is a time when people look back on their accomplishments during the past 12 months but also start making resolutions of what they want to do in the coming year. The same can be said of Mamod as the company prepares for what it hopes to be another busy year of bringing innovative and exciting steam models to market.

In the past 12 months, Mamod has relaunched its marine engine. It has provided collectors and steam enthusiasts with the opportunity to build their own steam boat. A long-term project such as this can be the perfect chance to hone skills whether it is in trial and error when putting an engine together or ensuring that every part of the boat works in harmony.

There were some farewells in the Mamod community as an iconic steam engine left the Smethwick factory for the final time. The Diamond Jubilee Saddle Tank steam train model had been a big favourite with Mamod's customer but 2014 saw the last of the toys roll off the production line.

Originally released to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, the Saddle Tank struck a chord with collectors. The limited edition model was a versatile product as it could switch between gauges depending on the preference of the user. Mamod engineers will no doubt look back on the train as a fond favourite in years to come.

So what does Mamod have in store for 2015? Here is a sneak preview.

The Telford

The Telford is the headline act for Mamod in the new year. A model steam engine that has been four years in the making is finally ready for release and it has been a huge labour of love to get it to this stage. Dubbed 'the runaway train' by engineers and designers, there has been a huge amount of trial and error to create the Telford.

With the concept starting in mid-2011 and planning starting in 2012, the February 2015 release date highlights the amount of work that has gone into perfecting the Telford for the mass market. Collectors will notice that the model is an updated version of the Saddle Tank but with the introduction of a new piston, making it somewhat of a pioneering model.

Engineers maintain that while there has been a lot of inspiration taken from Saddle Tank engines, the Telford is very much "its own engine". Mamod expects the latest product to be popular so there could be a rush when it is finally released.

More focus on the marine engine

Mamod reintroduced the marine engine to its offering in 2014 and the coming year will see yet more focus on these products. Marine engines saw a spike in popularity in the early days of Mamod's operations but then subsequently quietened, however with modellers now interested in expanding their horizons the marine engine can play a significant part.

It is the perfect opportunity to embark on a long running project which could result in the creation of a truly impressive, steam-powered boat.