The marine engine is the latest offering to roll off the Mamod production line but what it is all about?

It is a shift back to more traditional roots for Mamod who were producing marine paraphernalia during its early days. Geoffrey Malins was instrumental in the first marine engine way back in the 1930s taking inspiration from his days on merchant ships. They became a popular item prior to the outbreak of the second world war with many people being put off German-made products and backing the “buy British” campaign.

Mamod produced model boats such as the Meteor but it was not all plain sailing as high competition and waning interest meant that the company was simply not hitting the right chords with its customers. With heavy hearts the marine models had to be withdrawn from production but with the dawn of a new millennium came renewed interest and the marine engine has made somewhat of a comeback.

So what makes this model tick? Here is a brief guide to Mamod’s modern day marine engine.


Mamod provides three different styles of marine engine including the double acting twin oscillating engine and the slide valve marine engine. The latter is more suited to nautical pursuits and has been specially designed to be used in boats. The benefit of a slide valve engine is that it has a fixed cylinder with a manoeuvrable piston meaning that the steam entering the chest is directed by the valve sliding up and down.

Steam loss is significantly minimised at the port faces as the steam inlet and outlet can be timed to ensure a much better performance. This type of engine is perfect for Mamod’s marine models or for people wanting to build their own water-based steam model, be it a steam boat or paddle boat.


There is so much versatility in the marine engine that people can transfer its properties into whichever model they wish. They are not restricted solely to boats and, in fact, many people who purchase a steam marine engine are actually looking to build something else. Such is their versatility that parts can be used for trains, planes and automobiles.

For example, the boiler of the marine engine has a void underneath where the burner sits. Unlike the horizontal of a mobile engine, the marine version can be mounted in an engine frame. It is almost a self-contained unit and can be connected to whatever formation the user desires without the complications of having to dismantle the model and then rebuild.

Base of building a boat

Building a boat can be a really challenging and enjoyable task and the marine engine is an integral part of this. However, people need to ensure they have done their research so they have matched the right engine with the right hull as getting it wrong can create a completely different boat.

Depending on which route the person wants to go down, the engine needs to be carefully considered and also correctly installed. Getting this basis right can ensure that people can build themselves impress boat model.