A model railway collection can be the pride and joy of many enthusiasts, and finding the latest addition can be a crucial search.

It is not just the everyday person that can harbour a passion for miniature railways as people like Rod Stewart and the late Frank Sinatra had their own sets. When it comes to looking for the next piece in the model railway jigsaw there is no better company to turn to than Mamod. The firm has been running since 1936 and is dedicated to creating the best models on the market.

The company handcrafts all trains, steam engines and kits at its Smethwick site in the West Midlands. It has had a long tradition of supporting British business and only uses materials made in the UK.

Here are a selection of some of the best models Mamod has to offer.

Diamond Jubilee saddle Tank Set

This limited edition version was originally released to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee and is covered with a splash of regal ruby rich paint.

The model is more of a work of art than simply a scaled down train and is fitted with brass spectacles, a brass chimney cowl and a brass numbered limited edition plaque which is mounted on the roof.

It would no doubt take pride of place in any collection and the great thing about the model – like all Mamod products – it is fully functioning. This means that it produces real steam as it trundles around the track.

The Diamond Jubilee edition is built on the success of the Mark II engine chassis which has been used by Mamod in the past.

Cost – £476

Mamod MkII Set

This is one of Mamod's most popular products and its easy to see why as, like the Diamond Jubilee model, it has a sense of majesty around it.

Described by Mamod as "probably the best small train on the market", this model comes complete with coal carriage as well as a steam oil and gas adaptor. It can be a perfect product for pulling additional carriages and could form the centrepiece of any collection.

The 1351LS Mamod II "O" gauge Starter Train Set, again like the Diamond Jubilee model, comes complete with eight straight "O" gauge track pieces and 16 curved "O" gauge track pieces great for people who are just setting up their own piece of Mamod history.

Cost – £446

1313 Traction Engine

Steam trains are all well and good, but for something different Mamod have a range of steam engines which can be the perfect accompaniment to a train set.

The 1313 Traction Engine is an ideal model to purchase and it harks back to a time when these magnificent vehicles were frequent sights on the UK's roads. This particular version is fully working and is reminiscent of the famous of English traction engines of years gone by.

It is the kind of engine that Fred Dibnah would have waxed lyrical about on his various television programmes such as Fred Dibnah's Made In Britain which celebrated everything great about the age of steam.

Cost – £153