There was a time when Great Britain ruled the rails and brought the great steam engines to the world.

Ever since Northumberland's finest George Stephenson built the first-ever public inter-city railway between Manchester and Liverpool in 1830, the country has been on the cusp of everything great about the rail industry. From the birth of the famous Flying Scotsman to the record-breaking Mallard, the country was a hotbed for the age of steam.

People from all over the nation flocked to take a trip on the iconic Flying Scotsman which boasted of being able to get people from London's Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley in just over seven hours in the early 1900s. Steam was regarded as the saviour of the rail network and while the introduction of high speed locomotives has put paid to the old steam engines, they can still be remembered in their own special way.

The National Railway Museum in York celebrates everything about great rail industry from the very first engine right up to the modern day magnet trains that are prominent in Japan. The tourist attraction also contains a huge model railway set which represents a nostalgic look back on the golden age of steam.

Mamod is a company that brings the engines back to life with a range of fully functioning steam models that would take pride of place in an enthusiast's collection. The firm has everything a person interested in this hobby could want with the trains, locomotives, vintage steamrollers and buildable stationary engines to suit all tastes.

All products are carefully crafted at the company's manufacturing site in Birmingham and it has a rich tradition of only using materials that have been sourced from the UK. Unlike some firms that may import from abroad, Mamod is focused on using the very best that Britain has to offer.

The age of steam was a glorious time for Great Britain and by purchasing a Mamod train set, people can recreate a small slice of this in the comfort of their own home.