As a designer there is no better feeling than seeing the finished article finally get put to use and this is no different in the case of model railways.

John Langley, from Taunton, has been crafting model trains since he retired from the nursing profession five years ago. The 69-year-old is a member of the Burnham and District Model Railways Club and painstakingly researches every train before drawing up designs. The images are then sent to a company in Wales where they are created, Somerset County Gazette reports.

It has turned from a hobby into somewhat of a hobby for Mr Langley but while the models can sell for between £10 and £15 all profits are given to charity. The retired nurse supports a number of good causes such as SURE and since he began designing model trains he has raised an astonishing £23,000.

Mr Langley told the news provider: "I love being able to bring history to life and it’s great to see people’s reaction when they look at the models and remember what the old trains and wagons used to look like. Me and my wife have suffered from cancer and there are very few families where cancer has not touched their lives."

All the models designed by Mr Langley are to a 00 scale and in the five years he has created 158 different trains which have gone on to generate more money for charity. His latest effort, models of a Wiseman Diaries wagon managed to raise £6000 for SURE while a further £563 was donated following sales of his Lamb Brewery.

Mr Langley's exploits highlight that age does not dictate the time when a person can take up the hobby of model railway. While it can be a big commitment there are many rewards especially when watching the model hurtle around the track for the very first time.