Ever since the days of Thomas The Tank Engine, the joys of having a model train set have been evident.

From the wooden Brio to battery-powered Tomy trains all the way up to the famous Hornby sets, it has been one of the nation’s favourite pastimes to create the countryside routes in the comfort of their own home. Even in 2013, model railway sets are among the most popular activities for old and young alike, and nothing gets much better than having a hand-crafted Mamod engine.

The company is very much a family affair and was launched way back in 1936, at the time, not many would have expected it to have lasted the test of time but this is testament to both the popularity of the model train and the quality that comes with every Mamod engine. Providing everything that a father and son could want, this West Midlands business has all the very best in whatever type of engine a person may wish for.

Classic steam trains evoke a sense of wonder for youngsters but for the older generation it is a case of nostalgia. Mamod offers the classic Diamond Jubilee Saddle Tank complete with goods wagon and even a guards van and log carrier. It is not just the giants of the rails that are catered for with the company also offering a range of model steam engines.

Everything from the 1312 Steam roller to the 1319BT Brookland Tourer and the classic 1404 Fire Engine are available to buy. Not only can these be fun pieces to collect but they can also provide a history lesson for younger members of the family who may not be familiar the vehicles of yesteryear. It does not stop there however, as Mamod also sells a range of stationary steam engines that can be built by the purchaser.

When someone picks up a product from their company they are not getting an item that has been shipped in from overseas. At Mamod, staff and owners alike pride themselves on being a British-made firm and only use parts from home soil.

David Terry, Mamods’ managing director, explains: “We do not buy metals and parts from abroad. The buying is done from English stockists and most of them are in the Birmingham area. We are one of the few English companies that seek out suppliers in our region.”

This commitment to buying British shows the nod it gives to its history and is not prepared to let the tradition of the past 74 years be forgotten. While the past is an important aspect of Mamods’ workings, moving times is crucial and the company is now offering all products over the internet.

The online shop allows everyone from the fanatic to the hobbyist to browse the website and pick out an engine that may one day become a cherished possession taking pride of place in the home of people up and down the country. The company also guarantees that every product is made to the highest possible specification giving that extra peace of mind when looking to buy.