When placing an order with Mamod it starts the process to send out one of its carefully crafted models but who are the people behind the steam engines?

Mamod runs a tight ship at its base in Smethwick, West Midlands, with only a small team of staff working behind the scenes. However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in expertise. The company believes that having a small team is much better for its operations as everyone knows their specific role and can always help out in other areas when needed. It maintains that no one person's job at the company is 100 per cent distinct and they can interchange from time to time.

The team is highly experienced and has worked together for years so they have gained a working knowledge of every aspect of the Mamod factory. While they do have their own specialities when put together they are designed to allow the production from design to shop floor to run as smoothly as possible.

So who is involved in the day-to-day running of the Mamod factory? Here is the lowdown on the people who are critical to sending your Mamod model out on time.

Managing director

While the managing director oversees all the work being carried out at Mamod, he is much more hands-on than other senior people in similar roles. He is involved with assembling the models on the factory floor and packing boxed models ready for order. He is also responsible for the repairing and refurbishment of certain models.

He is assisted by the office manager who runs all of the office activity such as customer service and accounts. She acts as the go-to point for all customers seeking answers to any queries they may have.

Shop floor foreman

Overseeing the power press and capstan area, the shop floor foreman ensure that all the machinery is in proper working order and well maintained. He will work to set the machines and is involved in the manufacturing and operational side of the work as well as handling stock control.

Head designer

Dubbed the 'brain box of the factory', the head designer is responsible for creating the initial ideas for new products. By gauging responses from the public, he is able to outline a product that will appeal to customers and also stay in the cost guidelines laid out by Mamod.

Machine operators

There are various machines used by Mamod and they require specialist operators to work them. One machine operator is responsible for the capstan, lathe machines and the "beasts of the factory" – the power presses and hydraulic machines. Another specialises in the milling machine. Expert care is essential when operating these machines and requires a steady hand when carrying out the more intricate work.

Assembly and valve specialists

Mamod's assembly specialist is the key cog in the machine. She is responsible for the presentation of the models , ensuring that they are packed correctly complete with Mamod brand boxes. Very few models will pass through the factory without the assembly specialist casting her eye over them. She also works on the testing side of things.

The valve specialist is the newest addition to the Mamod team and is tasked with fixing problems, improving performance and lending his expertise to the designer when discussing valve issues. He has also worked on the electrics of models such as the Showman.