The model railway set has been a feature of the British household for generations and has brought together families for years on end.

These kind of toys can create bonds between father and son as well as giving people a hobby for life. From the humble beginnings of a toddler playing with their wooden train to the days of Thomas the Tank Engine right through to the more complex Hornby sets, model railways have at some point played a part in the average Brits’ life. While some companies may import their goods from overseas, Mamod is a firm that stays true to its roots and ensures that all materials are sourced from the UK.

Founder Geoffrey Malins set up the company in 1937 and it has sat in the Smethwick area of Birmingham ever since, maintaining focus on staying within the local area. It provides a unique range of steam trains and engines that are the perfect gift for any model railway enthusiast and even those that are just getting into the hobby.

The company first began by producing stationary engines which could be put together by the purchasers and then used for their own devices. In a similar vein to firms such as Meccano the customer would always get that sense of achievement that they had been able to create this type of working engine in their own home.

It did not stop there for the ambitious Midlands business as it then branched out into creating mobile ranges in 1961. Popular items included a series of steam rollers which again could be constructed and then operated through the use of specially created oil from Mamod itself. However, the crowning glory came in late 1979 when the company introduced its first line of steam railways.

Since then, Mamod has built on the success of these models and has created iconic items such as a special Diamond Jubilee steam engine to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne. If that does not celebrate all things great about Britain, then what does?