Mamod is proud of its roots. Since the very day it opened its doors, the company has been committed to producing British-made steam engine models and makes a point of only using British parts for all of its products.

From its humble factory in Smethwick, West Midlands, Mamod has developed a truly global appeal. Thanks to the internet, companies such as Mamod have been able to open up to a previously untapped market and reach customers all over the globe. The company's patriotism is one of the biggest selling points in countries around the globe as more and more people want a piece of British modelling history.

So how is Mamod perceived in other nations? Here is an insight.


The US has always had a love affair with all things British and Mamod is no exception. The company is well known stateside and benefits from a lack of competition from US-based manufacturers. One of the major bonuses is that the US is steam mad but there remains a challenge in satisfying demand. Mamod currently had a buyer across the pond who distributes to various customers across the country.

While not being as popular in the UK, marine engines are big business the US with many customers keen to build boats and varsity yachts. Bridging the gap between speed yachts and steam engines is something that Mamod is looking to achieve in the future.


Australia is quickly becoming one of Mamod's key target markets. There is an appetite for the company's products Down Under but at the moment the models are simply not readily available. Mamod does not provide stock to Australian retailers meaning people are left to purchase them on eBay.

The Mamod brand is well known in Australia simply due to its longevity and customers are continually impressed with models' structural integrity compared to other European brands which are described as "tinny".


There has been Indian interest in Mamod products of late with a collector visiting the Smethwick factory to take stock back to India. There are manufacturers operating in the country but they tend to add on extra charges due to distributing and retail costs, something which Mamod is not prepared to do.

One of the stumbling blocks with Mamod's popularity in India has been a language barrier and it is not something that has been assessed to a full extent before. There has also previously been confusion that some Mamod parts are made in India, something which is completely false.

New Zealand

Steam is hugely popular in New Zealand with a host of societies dedicated to preserving real live traction engines. Despite Mamod delivering right to the southern hemisphere country, at the same price to anywhere else in the world, many customers are not aware of this.

Another problem is that steam products are normally regarded as being much more expensive than their electric counterparts. This mark up in price means that people have a much higher expectation of the quality of product.

With further exposure, it is a market that could be profitable for Mamod.