Mamod has always prided itself on being a thoroughly British company but over the years it has grown to encompass a global audience.

The love for model steam trains spreads much further than John O'Groats across the UK to Land's End and Mamod has a presence throughout the world. As with all firms nowadays, Mamod is trying to appeal to as big a demographic as possible and while it is still proud that it works from its Smethwick factory with British-made parts, it welcomes attention from all points of the globe.

Mamod currently has a presence in key markets such as the US, Australia, New Zealand and India with the company shipping to all of these countries. The internet has allowed for the company to reach further afield but it is not always to ensure that customers in far flung corners of the world can enjoy Mamod products.

Sometimes it is not as straightforward as boxing up a Mamod model and sending it halfway across the globe. Mamod occasionally has to team up with retailers in the specific countries who can then distribute the models to interested buyers. Having working relationships such as this can take the burden off Mamod and also reduce costs from the company's side.

So what are the Mamod's policies for delivering to specific regions of the world? Here is a brief overseas buyer's guide.

North America

North America has a huge love of model railways. In fact, the large model railway resides in Flemington, New Jersey including 100 trains, 400 bridges and 50,000 streets. The Northlandz model railroad took creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino 16 years to complete, something which only started out as a hobby.

This highlights the huge market for companies like Mamod. The British firm has a good presence in the US and Canada but is looking to expand to satisfy the huge demand in the country. Those looking to purchase Mamod products from the US have to go through one of its buyers, which happens to be the largest importer of steam engine across North America.

Australia and New Zealand

Model railways are also popular Down Under. Mamod is developing its profile in the region but is still not as well known as it would like to be, especially in New Zealand. This is a disappointing fact as the company sells directly to New Zealand and Australia.

While Mamod is not well known in New Zealand, the company is popular in Oz where customers recognise the British made emblem. The firm has not sold in great volumes to the region due to the costs involved but for those looking to purchase any of the products will be guaranteed the best price available.


One region where Mamod has been boosting its profile is India. While other manufacturers exist in the country, they tend to deal with distributors which can drive up the price. For Mamod, it wants to give customers the best possible price available and will sell direct to buyers living there.

One of the main problems is often a language barrier but the company has reassured customers that this can easily resolved during the buying process.