As children many people had an obsession with trains and spent days at stations waving the steam engines as they went past.

Classic kids television programmes such as Thomas The Tank Engine and Ivor The Engine brought the age of steam into homes across the country. Nearly everyone will have owned a small train set at some point of their life whether it be the wooden Brio or the battery-powered Tomy sets. This early introduction into trains can fuel a lifetime of wonderment and is perfectly encapsulated by the high attendances when some of the most steam engines grace the tracks at special events.

The National Railway Museum in York is a haven for all train enthusiasts showcasing famous engines such as the Mallard and has been visited by other iconic models such as The Flying Scotsman and The Hogwart's Express from the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Inside the Great Hall of the facility is one of the more low key exhibitions in the museum but one of the most popular. It is a model railway which stretches along one side of the hall and is complete with scenery and impressive scaled version of the monsters of the rails.

People from every generation have a place in their hearts for steam trains and for those that indulge in creating a collection, Mamod is the perfect place to add to your own personal range. Not only does the company provide full working models pre-assembled, it also sells kits which is ideal for people that enjoy the challenge of putting a train together.

These products are not just standard battery models but fully working steam engines which can be boosted with gas conversion kits and fuel tablets. That spare room or converted loft could be the perfect place to branch out and create a collection and set that you can truly be proud of.

Mamod has a wide array of steam trains, model steam engines including steam rollers and authentic 1920s London buses, stationary model steam engines as well as a number of do-it-yourself kits. Buyers can reproduce the rolling English countryside with addition of tasteful bits of scenery as a Mamod steam engine roars along the rail.

The company has got all bases covered when it comes to creating a site of this ilk with pieces of track available to buy from its website. Then a person can pick from the very best steam stocked on the site ranging from the majestic Diamond Jubilee saddle Tank set to the Mamod MkII G.

Mamod is steeped in rich heritage and has been producing model trains since it was first founded in 1936. The firm is dedicated to using materials sourced exclusively from the UK and lovingly put together in its premises in Smethwick, West Midlands.

Having a Mamod model in their home and be the crowning piece in any person's collection and be the perfect for all ages. Whether the person is a seasoned railway enthusiast looking for a slice of nostalgia or a youngster wanting to pick up a new hobby, Mamod has everything available at just the click of a button.